Church Administration and Training

Church administration is work — lots of hard work! No one ever said that service for the Lord in the local church would be easy. The gift of administration is a great gift, but its practice can be a difficult undertaking.The task is great — how should we maintain the House of God? The local church must provide its administrators with the confidence, motivation and skills needed to tackle and pursue the glorious task of providing leadership to God’s local assembly. Those to whom God has imparted this gift must not question their call, but embrace the task with endurance and run the race that is set before them with great eagerness! This is an often-ignored task, but an essential part of good administration.Those individuals appointed and installed as leaders and decision makers for the local church both desire and require the complete backing of the whole ministry to properly prepare for effective Christian service.Most of the administrative staff in the local church have not had the privilege of professional training pertaining to their respective tasks. Even those who have been blessed with this opportunity are not necessarily equipped in the spiritual disciplines and the philosophical modes necessary for Christian service in the church as opposed to that philosophy governing worldly organizations.Training must be provided by the local assembly in specialized Christian Education help for the administrative staff. The subjects covered should benefit the present staff as well as aiding any new prospects awaiting assignment.Training ComponentsThe following topics, as a minimum, should be included in any training provided.(1) Foundations — Biblical, philosophical, financial, legal, constituency, etc.(2) Ministries — to the “body” and to the “world”(3) Instruction — principles, methods, and procedures(4) Personnel — qualifications, organization and administration, standards, recruitment, administrative functions, etc.(5) Physical Plant — site, structures, ministry areas, furnishings, interior decoration, etc.(6) General — fire prevention, safety & health, security, insurance, ancillaries, etc.(7) Evaluation — processes and proceduresSpiritual Gifts”And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues”- I Cor. 12:28